Goals to Live By


Summer is here and it’s time to do everything you said you were going to do last semester but didn’t get to (not really). While you probably won’t get to half the stuff you wanted to do last semester, it’s a good idea to write out your goals for this summer so you can at least measure your progress. I’ve included a list of my goals for summer which will probably inform my future blog posts.

1. Increase productivity – download and test out new software like mind mapping, text expansion, RefWorks, DevonTHINK, Wunderlist

2. Set up a blog – already done. check it out!

3. Prepare a paper for publication

4. Design a course: Anthropology of Slavery

5. Study Amharic – my main goal this summer

6. Finally establish a gym/workout routine (or at least learn more about what I should be doing).

7. Start writing the dissertation

8. Learn basic statistics 

9. Learn basic coding – check out codeacademy.com

Post your goals in the Comments!


2 thoughts on “Goals to Live By

  1. Looks like a good plug-in. Im actually thinking about switching from Google Chrome to Firefox because Google Chrome freezes on me sometime but it’s hard to leave these plug-ins behind. Refworks also has a nice plug-in for Firefox I want to try out.

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