Free Magazines


In my last post I had you fork out $5 for an app, so in this post I’m going to tell you a way to save some cash. If you’re like me, summer usually means time for leisure reading, creating new (better) habits, and trying to get in shape. To encompass all of these goals I contemplated getting a subscription to Men’s Health but was quickly deterred with the annual subscription fee. So I turned to the one place that has never tried to charge me for knowledge – the Alachua County Public Library.

Like many other public libraries, Alachua County Public Library is going digital which means you can get thousands of ebooks and several magazines digitally free of charge. Just log onto the Alachua County Digital Library, follow a few simple steps and you have monthly access to the latest magazine titles. Download Zinio’s Desktop, iPad or Kindle App and you can read them on your tablet or PC. Right now my digital library includes:

Men’s Health
Men’s Fitness
Vegetarian Times
The Economist
Smithsonian Magazine
SPIN Magazine


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