Tips for Writing, Staying Productive, and Life

Many of us are a little intimidated by the prospects of writing a dissertation. The research and the actual process of sitting down for hours on end to write a long manuscript can be daunting. In this sit-down interview with New York Times best-selling authors, Tim Ferriss and Neil Strauss, they share their own experiences about writing books and staying productive. Some of the habits can seem OCD at times but I think their all worth investigating.

Tim Ferriss and Neil Strauss Talk Writing, Creativity on creativeLIVE

Some of the highlights include:

  • Write 2 pages/day
  • Don’t check your email in the morning
  • Use the letters “tk” when you’re writing and need to come back to a section to fill in later.
  • The art of writing isn’t necessarily about writing as much as it is about proofreading and editing. Get your words on paper first.
  • @ 35:00 Ferriss provides a breakdown of the computer software he uses to write and conduct research.

Best in Class


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