Faster Data Entry: Atext


So just thought I’d share a time saving app that has helped me with a number of tasks including data entry. For work I’m currently in the process of entering our 300+ interviews into Refworks so they can be easily referenced and searchable for researchers. Sound like a long and monotonous task? Well it is. It involves typing in a lot of the same data into a lot of black spaces. Luckily I got a hold of the right app at the right time. 

Atext is a cheap text expansion app that gets the job done. I have to enter in common phrases like “University of Florida” and “Oral History Interview” for each interview and where I would have had to toggle back and forth between copying and pasting, I now type “/uf” and “/o” and the text fills in automatically. The app is easily customizable, syncs with dropbox, and you can even insert images and formatted text. I strongly recommend investing in a text expansion app for anyone doing data entry, at $5 it’s more than I wanted to spend but saves me a lot time and has proven to be well worth the price. You can test it out for 15 days free of charge. Windows users have other options as well.